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Wondertec Wall Now Used For Building Structures

The Wondertec system is the future for low-cost construction worldwide. The future method is pre-stressed tension and we have the patents. Prestressing is cheaper, faster and lighter - saving 33-50% on building costs.

The Wondertec system uniquely combines common bulding materials and construction methods with high technology resulting in pre-stressed tension concrete that has superior strength and low cost.

• The Wondertec system is a superior, lower cost alternative to concrete block and precast concrete walls. Provides broad application in residential, commercial, industrial, government and transportation markets for habital and non-habital housing, privacy, security and noise abatement.

• Patented method and product provides substantial savings over traditional masonry walls by combining a non-invasive installation process with prestressing concepts.

• Does not require costly excavation, pouring of footings or pilings and grade beams, or lengthy restoration of the surrounding construction area.

• Can be used to build structures, habitable or non-habitable.

• All construction performed on-site, reducing cost of prefabrication, warehousing and transportation.

• Utilizing mini-prestressed concrete construction, the Wondertec wall system is extremely strong, exceeding the requirements of ASCE 7-98, BOCA and ICC standards. Approved by Miam-Dade County Building Code Compliance Office which is generally regarded as having the most stringent building rules and regulations in the United States

• Its monolithic design makes it safer than the sectionalized designs of concrete block and precast walls.

• Architecturally flexible, offering one-sided or two-sided construction and a wide variety of surface textures and design details for walls up to 15' in height.

• Two-sided hollow-core wall provides space to enclose systems to support landscape maintenance, lighting and security.

• High-density surface resists moisture, providing low maintenance and long life.

Wondertec 1000™ and Wondertec 2000™ formulized mixes are Certified Green, environmentally friendly.

• Dedicated Wondertec professionals provide the highest level of quality training and support to licensees.

Become a Licensee and your company can profit from this revolutionary technology.


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